SEO Services

Many SEO companies claim to do everything. We don’t. Instead we focus on organic search and don’t offer any paid search activities such as Google Adwords.

We have worked primarily on travel and entertainment websites to date as our Clients page shows. We can apply the same skillset and knowledge to several other sectors but not to all. Excellent SEO requires a detailed understanding of the client’s business and the online landscape including competitors. It’s best to find an SEO company that specialises in your sector than to employ a jack-of-all trades.

Each website is different and there is absolutely no magic formula or SEO package to fit all. There are places out there on the web that each SEO expert knows and can grab some links from but there isn’t a big secret list. Any SEO company that sells packages of articles, social bookmarks, directory submissions and the like isn’t looking at the unique nature of your business and is only ever going to get you low quality links.

Our approach to SEO services is:

  1. Meet the client to identify business goals and target keywords.
  2. Conduct keyword research and refine target keywords to identify opportunities. Generate a ranking report for current Google positions.
  3. Analyse each page of client site and make changes to meet keyword objectives. Set up Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics accounts.
  4. Link build on target keywords and produce monthly ranking reports. Involving the client in this process can produce great results and save the client money.
  5. Repeat stage 4 until client is happy with the search engine ranking.


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